Fleet Leasing Information

Whether personal, corporate or non-profit, leasing and fleet management is a value-added service few firms have true expertise at. With educated and seasoned professionals assisted by a superior back-office, Doering can achieve the desired results.

Doering adds value to every client. No two are alike and Doering's model is a purely custom one - built specifically for the unique needs of every organization. Each organization and individual have unique ways to handle fleet management. For the same reason each organization has a custom leasing service and fleet management plan which Doering works to craft based on key data points and implement.

Although not the largest, Doering employs cutting-edge technology, using an approach which is both personal in communication and in administration. Vehicles are never ordered through a website or through 800-CustomerService. Instead call 414-461-4100 and speak to a specific person who will guide the process from start to finish for many years to come. The best firms are often found in the alleys and the side-streets, off the radar where the highway billboards are not visible.

Client success, value-add and satisfaction are the key components of what drives Doering each and every day. It's why Doering's staff wakes up every day with vigor to serve clients.