Chip and Adam

Doering is celebrating 25 years in the fleet management and leasing services industry!

Doering is a national fleet management and fleet leasing company based in the Midwest. Adding value to clients fleet and leasing operations with expertise, experience, and energy is the lifeblood of the firm. A team of front-line and back-end experts make for a diverse yet efficient firm. Doering is large enough to possess all the necessary resources and small enough to care about personal relationships. Doering prides itself on long-term relationships where value-added leasing service, fleet advice, and expertise matter most. Doering owns no car dealerships, and has no bias toward particular brands, but for quantifiable and logical reasons. Emotion and appearance of vehicles are put aside in lieu of bottom-line value, utility, and cost. A high level of personal service and fleet management services are coupled together resulting in an unbeatable partner.